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A safe, secure place for teachers to communicate, discuss issues, get information and make friends.

You are free from the oversight of departments of education, school districts, principals, or any other teacher association.
Everything here is created by teachers for teachers! 

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We Connect Teachers by: 

Connect with Teachers from Any State/Province

The Information You Need

Discuss Education Topics with Colleagues

PD Conference Listings
(Updating continuously)

Contact TCT to get a Conference Listed

Attend PD in Fun Cities!

Get the Latest Educational News

Your own INBOX on TCT (Coming Soon!)

Communicate w/o Giving Your Personal Email

Chat with any MEMBER on TCT


Become a Member & Get Advantages

Let's cross District and State school boundaries and help connect teachers everywhere!

Tips to "Enhance" Your TCT Experience!!

Tip #1: As a shortcut, will also connect to this site.

Tip #2: Join as a member (100% free), then in your PROFILE, set a "Display Name" (say, "cool teacher in Florida"), then your real name will not be shown to any other members throughout the site.

Tip #3: Encourage all teachers in your school and district to join so that you can communicate with them privately with no school oversight.

Tip #4: Your account never expires, so whether you switch teaching jobs, retire, or switch careers, you can always connect to any teacher, anywhere!

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