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What We Believe In

TeachersConnectTeachers was born out of the need for teachers to have access to their colleagues across all geographical boundaries. A subject (or grade level) teacher should be able to communicate with a teacher who may teach the same subject (or grade) but is located in a different state.

Teachers have always been hesitant to use software that is controlled (or can be accessed) by a state education department, school board or district, a principal, or a professional teacher oversight body. Finally, there is a safe, secure place that is yours as a teacher, a private, teachers-only platform where only the teachers who connect with each other can access their communication. And if you choose to post, it will reach your fellow teachers throughout the country.

This site was designed by teachers, for teachers. We are all in this together because we love this profession!

Know that this space is for you and your colleagues.

If you have any other features that you would like to see added to this site, please Contact TCT and we will try to incorporate it in the next revision. Thanks for all you do!


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